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Batseri , Sangla Valley


Batseri is a beautiful scenic village in the Baspa valley situated on the banks of the River Baspa. The Valley is also commonly known as the Sangla valley. Localy it’s called Tupka valley. Unlike most big Villages of Baspa valley, Batseri is located on the left banks of the river.  

The Village is located along the scenic Baspa river, surrounded by forests of Deodar, pine and Bhojpatra. The village mostly thrives on horticulture, and has one the most vibrant culture in the Kinnaur region. It’s still saved from the maddening crowds which throng the Sangla valley. Apple and Apricot being the main crop of the village, are major contributors to the economy. The village also has fields of Buck wheat, and yes its the home of the “Kinnauri Rajma” or local beans. 

Apart from it’s picturesque grandeur, Batseri Village has a very interesting history and culture. The village has a mix of Buddhist and Hinduism mixed and both live in complete natural harmony with each other. The Buddhist who mainly comprise of the Loctus, Dudyan, and the Mathais families had settled here about 200 years ago, after migrating from Tibet. There is a Monestary in the village which dates to 200 years. The monastery is looked after the Loctus family. 

Batseri has one of the most beautiful temples in himachal Pradesh, made with stones and wonderfully hand carved wood. It is the home of the local devtas, Shri Badri Narayan and Shri Vishnu Narayan. The most interesting thing is the temple has a prayer flag outside its gate. The temple has the same upper Himachal temple architecture, with some wonderful wood work done by a local artisan. 

The people of Batseri are simple, hardworking and welcoming. The streets are clean and the village is plastic free. Being an agricultural village, people during he day are busy working in the fields. One thing about Kinnaur is the social bonding, it is very strong. The community is very close knit. This can be seen in their social occasions and local fairs. The two big festivals of the year are Uttrain in the second week of January and Flaich, which takes place in the second week of September. There is a special ground above the village for the festivals which is enclosed by huge deodar trees. The Holi festival of Sangla is also spectacular. 

Some important information regarding Batseri


From Shimla

From Chandigarh

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How to reach and accessibility 

On the NH 5 from Shimla, follow the route towards Rampur Bushar. After approximately eighty kilometres you will reach a place called Karchum. Cross over the bridge across the Satlej river, and follow the road to Village Sangla. Batseri is 5 kms ahead of Sangla on the opposite bank. There is a small link road which descends towards the village. The Road is open from Mid February till Late November usually. During snow the road remains closed. 


The winters are cold and there is heavy snow fall. February has the maximum snowfall. In march the temperature begins to rise, and the days become warmer and the mornings and evenings remain cool. The spring season starts in the first week of April, as you can see the first of the green buds. The spring also has the flowering season of the apricot and apple trees. Summers are warm and pleasant and the average temperature stays about 22 degrees celsius. Monsoons set in by the last week of July and dry off by the last of august. The autumn season is dry and pleasant. 

Networks Available

BSNL, Airtel  and JIO


SBI at Sangla. HP COOP BANK at Sangla

Health Services

Civil Dispensary at Batseri, Govt. Health Centre at Sangla