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experience it rather than travel it..


the best Himalayan experience

Have you ever heard a river whisper back to you while you cross it,

Have you ever heard the sound of the wind as it hits your carabiners as you climb,

Have you ever felt the dew on the green grass,

Have you ever felt a snow flake kiss your face,

Have you ever heard a lake asking you to stop for a few moments more.

Have you ever felt a mountain summit blessing you,

Have you ever hidden in a mountain cave and waited for the rain to get over,

Have you ever been walked by a shepherd dog to your destination, 

Have you ever felt your sun burns and your scars don’t matter,

Have you ever woken up to a beautiful morning where there was no alarm, no phone and no sounds of horns,

Have you ever felt silence for miles,

Have you ever just watched a sunset with thoughtlessness, 

Have you ever woken up to a starry night,

Have you ever felt moments, have you felt life.

We make you feel these, we just don’t make you travel.


Beautiful locations

We offer some of the most unexplored and beautiful locations in the Himalayas . We understand that travel in the Himalayas is more about the experience and the vibes then just checking in a crowded hotel at some hill station.. It about connecting with the traditions and culture of the place. it's about listening to local stories and folklore.


Experienced guides

It's been about two decades of dedicating ourself to travels in the Himalayas. Our team has successfully handled Road journeys, Motor cycle rides, treks and mountain expeditions in Himachal, Ladakh, Kashmir and Uttrakhand. We have a all local team who have grown in these parts and know the history, culture and terrain like the back of their hands.  We are all certified for conducting high altitude journeys and treks. 

the seasons best...

Spiti, the fall time..

Chandrataal Lake.

A journey though the apple heartland, along the valleys of Sutlej and Spiti into the land of monasteries and spirituality, crossing high passes and a pristine lake to behold in your memories for ever. join me this autumn for one amazing journey in the Himachal Himalayas and experience  life like never before.

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Spiti, Winters 2020..


Coming soon !

Pin Bhaba pass trek


One of the most amazing crossover treks in the Himalayas which starts from the vibrant and green kinnaur to the dark and desolate Spiti,  and yes passes always have been mystical and full of stories. Lets hear and share them in one of the campsites. 

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Ladakh, Frozen Winters..

Frozen Nubra Valley

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Sangla Valley, Autumn


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Bashleo pass trek


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